Frequently asked questions


When do you publish PUMP Magazine?
Each issue has a specified release date, you can find this on Kavyar with your submission. Typically for most submissions the release date is the 20th of the following month. If you were to submit January 1st, your submission would be published February 20th. Due to the volume and production time. We do offer higher submission packages for priority requests to shorten the production time and receive additional attention from our priority submission team. The exclusivity date is your release date, all submissions are exclusive to PUMP Magazine and cannot be submitted elsewhere for 30-days after publication. You may post immediately online/social media after the submission is published.


Are you a digital magazine only?

PUMP Magazine is available for both print and digital versions via our online distributor - Magcloud. You can learn more about Magcloud by selecting the button below.

Do you pay for editorials?

While we do not pay for submissions, we do have paid staff positions currently available and are always reviewing candidates for potential long-term careers. All of our independent photoshoots we conduct are paid positions for all artists involved (10-99: only on a case-by-case basis), if you would like to be considered for a full-time position or part-time position with PUMP Magazine, please send your resume, cover letter and work samples to: Submissions@PUMPFashionMagazine.com.

How long does it take to get a response, was I approved or not?
Please give us up to 3-business days to receive a response. You will receive an email and notification via Kavyar regarding the status of your submission whether it was approved or denied. If you do not receive one then please try again as the email may not have gone through.

Please note, we no longer review editorial submissions via email, only through the submission platform Kavyar.

Who can submit to PUMP Magazine?
Anyone may submit editorials to PUMP Magazine, but please note - The copyright holder will be required to sign a release form.

How do I get a free printed copy?
PUMP Magazine currently utilizes Magcloud for Print-on-Demand services, due to the very high volume of submissions and cost of utilizing a third-party publisher/distributor we are unable to provide free print copies at this time. You will be provided digital tear sheets of all of your work published with us.

When should I expect to receive my tear sheets?
Tearsheets are provided within 7-business days of the publication date.




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