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Created by artists, for artists with an emphasis on philanthropy and assisting the community. 
Launched in December 2013, PUMP is a fashion lifestyle magazine published monthly in our digital and luxury print formats. Exposing only the very best in the industry, we strive to showcase excellence, beauty, divinity, and unique one-of-a-kind fashion lifestyle content on an international platform, in over 50 countries. By our curated layouts and designs tailored specific to each submitter and advertiser, we have created one of the most sought after publications on an international level.



PUMP Magazine gives you the opportunity to contribute your work and have it published in a high end, well respected Independent publication. Being published with us, exposes your work in over 50 Major Fashion Countries and Cities around the world. Photographers & other creatives that have been published in PUMP Magazine have gained more interest in their work & landed jobs from the exposure we have afforded them. 

Covers are typically shot ourselves, in some cases -- available for advertising space,  and in very elite cases -- available to submitters. This will be offered. Please do not request a cover.

When submitting please follow the guidelines outlined on this page. Upon reviewing submissions, PUMP Magazine reserves the rights to Approve or Deny any submission received. Submissions are reviewed based on its content, quality, and relevance.



All genres will be reviewed, all models of all shapes, sizes, races, and genders will be considered. Diversity is what makes PUMP Magazine so unique!

  1. 4-20 images, JPG, PNG, or TIF format, sRGB color profile

  2. Allowed sizes: 17 × 11 inches, 300 dpi (pixels/inch) / 8.5 × 11 inches, 300 dpi (pixels/inch)

  3. Confirm and present to us permission/release form from the photographer that owns the copyright to the images.

  4. For fashion submissions, wardrobe credits are required. It must contain wardrobe and/or accessories from emerging or independent designers and brands. For beauty submissions, makeup credits are required. All editorials must have 2-5 different looks, editorials with one looks won’t be accepted.
  5. Team credits are essential for all submissions, if we have accepted your submissions and you provide the high resolution images without team credits, your submission will not be published. We won’t be held accountable for any missing or mis-spelt credit. Be sure to double check that all persons involved in the submission is included in the credits and their names are spelt correctly. If for any reason a submission is published and a individual/s credit is missing, the person who submitted the feature will be held responsible. Along with model’s name be sure the list the agency name. Be sure to send credits directly in the email. Other files for credits will not be accepted.
  6. Once an image is accepted to be published, it grants us the permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements,  and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of PUMP Magazine. 



We are always looking for guest writers and bloggers who would like to contribute to the magazine and website. If you are interested in writing or blogging for us, please send an email to with the headline “Writer Submission” or “Blogger Submission” and include writing samples and links to your work, blog or portfolio. 



  1.  There is little or no space left for the issue submitted for.

  2.  Submission guidelines not followed.

  3.  Work was submitted after the deadline.

  4.  The quality of the images aren’t to our standard.

  5.  The submission doesn’t fit the theme for the issue.

Although your rejection could be due to any of the above stated reasons, we will not have time to state which of the reason applied to the submission. Please note that all submissions will be replied to, you will receive an email within 48-hours. You do not need to send multiple emails to receive a reply.



  1.  All submissions must be sent before the stated deadline of an issue, with that stated, we are always open to Avant Garde Submissions and these are never considered late.
  2.  If a submission is being accepted and the final pieces aren’t sent before the deadline, that submission will not be published in the issue for which it was accepted.
  3.  The deadline for each issue is the 20th of the month (e.g: Submissions for December Issue is due by November 20th), if for any reason the deadline is changed, it will be posted on our Facebook page and website.



  1. Once an issue is being released it is available for purchase via Magcloud.
  2. You will receive an email within minutes of the release of an edition featuring your work. E-mails are not necessary to see if your work has been published. You will be notified immediately when your work has been published.



  1.  To get all updates and information please like our Facebook page. Subscribing to our Facebook page and Instagram page notifications will ensure the most up to date information for releases, themes, contests, giveaways, and so much more!
  2.  By submitting to PUMP Magazine, you agree to the above terms and agreements.


Thank you,

PUMP Magazine Team